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With Industry-Specific IT Services & Solutions

Having trouble finding an IT partner who actually gets what you do?

The best IT services and solutions partner is one who fully understands your industry and the unique challenges it poses for your business.


That’s where CCS IT can help. We listen to your needs and use our understanding of your industry sector to develop and execute a plan of action.


Explore the industries we serve below. 



Healthcare organizations are committed to patient care but driven by the technical infrastructures that influence operational efficiencies, costs, security, and compliance. That’s why a trusted IT services & solutions partner is the essential step in being able to deliver quality care

Banking & Finance


The banking and finance industries are heavily regulated and always evolving. The right IT services & solutions partner can position organizations for digital transformation, regulatory compliance, customer centricity, and more effective risk management.



In an increasingly digital retail environment, a strategic IT services & solutions partner can equip retail companies with the technical capacities and digitally driven brand experience to boost their revenue and get ahead of the competition.



The pharmaceutical sector is critical to health of the nation, and its capacity to discover, develop, and deliver products depends heavily on a complex digital backbone. As such, the right IT services & solutions partner is essential in achieving a healthier tomorrow.



Streamlined and intelligent processes and procedures are fundamental to the success of every logistics organization. Supporting and evolving the technology at the core of these processes requires a responsive, cost-effective IT services & solutions partner.

Government IT Services & Staffing


Government productivity and efficiency are critical measures of any government agency, and both are equally impacted by the success of your technical projects. We deliver technical staffing, services, and solutions to the government sector with a focus on quality, compliance, and security.

CCS IT Services


When you’re challenged by a chaotic technical infrastructure, our high-quality EDI services can help you achieve success.


IT Service Management can help you overcome inefficient technical infrastructure and leverage productivity and profits.


Whether you’re adopting emerging technologies or managing legacy systems, system integration is key.

Digital Transformation

You aspire to disrupt the market and outperform the competition, but is your technology holding you back?

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “CCS works with a sense of urgency, they take time to listen, get to know our requirements, and they save us time and money by ensuring the right fit. Thank you CCS IT for making it easy for us! I highly recommend them.”

    Philip Ross, Sr. Staffing Consultant – Beacon Hill Technologies

  • I have known and worked with CCS IT for more than a decade and have known their CEO for almost 20 years. They are a boutique company that takes the time to listen, understand requirements and meet client needs."

    Dennis P.H. Mihale, MD, CEO – Chelsea Management Group

  • “Unlike some larger companies, CCS IT communicates with clients, keeping them informed during the entire project. They understand not only our requirements but our culture to develop the best long-term solution.”

    Dennis P.H. Mihale, MD, CEO – Chelsea Management Group

  • “CCS IT always follows up to ensure the staff are the right fit and working quickly and with the timeframe defined by the client. They are always professionals and able to provide candidates with extensive experience in the industry. I love that they focus on building long term relationships and saving us time and money.”

    Dennis P.H. Mihale, MD, CEO – Chelsea Management Group

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