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CCS Offers a competetive, professional service that is designed for all of your Information Technology needs.
Our mission is to provide IT solutions on schedule and only offer high quality results.
We use a professional approach to provide IT solutions pertaining to your needs and business goals. Our flagship services are below.

 Custom Application Development  Product Development  System Installation  Website Design and Development  System Maintainence and Support  Integration  IT Strategy and Architecture  Offshore Consulting  Project Management

Corporate Computer Solutions offers a wide range of technology solutions, from minor system changes to out-of-the-box, end-to-end applications. We will spend time with you to understand your business model and requirements. From that initial discussion, we will transition through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model: identifying user requirements and development of functional specifications, designing the solution that best fits your needs, applying automated and User Acceptance testing, and finally implementation and maintenance of the new application or system.

We provide the following technology services and solutions:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): EDI is growing in today's business environment, and many B2B companies will not do business unless an effective EDI solution is already in place. We are an IBM and Seeburger EDI partner and have vast experience with the challenges of implementing and maintaining an effective EDI solution. Our IT professionals are well-versed in product design, implementation and training, data mapping and EDI hosting. Talk to us today about how to stay ahead of the curve and meet your internal and client data needs.

Custom Application Development: Every business is different and off-the-shelf products rarely can meet all of the requirements of your industry or business model. Our developers have extensive experience with a number of different technology platforms, including Windows/Unix/Mac , Java/.Net/SQL/SAS/SAP ABAP/SAP BO. We can design a custom solution that will both meet your current needs and scale as your business grows.

System Installation: No technology solution is as simple as plug-and-play. Proper installation of a new system requires understanding of the current one, its limitations and how it interacts with other systems within the entire domain. We have professionals who are ready to take your new solution and integrate it into your current systems, with minimal interruption to your existing processes.

Website Design and Development: Our IT professionals have extensive experience in Website Design, Development and Maintenance. Whether you need a small revision to your existing website or a complete overhaul of your online presence, we are ready to help.

System Maintenance and Support: Our IT professionals have experience with a wide array of network setups and data centers. We will help ensure that your system is running effectively and will maintain your system going forward, freeing up internal resources to refocus on your core competencies.

Systems Integration: Our IT professionals will spend the time to understand your systems and components, and then develop a solution that lets your hardware and software work together, seamlessly and efficiently. We will preserve legacy systems where necessary while transitioning your company towards more modern and effective technology platforms.

IT Strategy and Architecture: A company's success often depends on the efficiency of its resources. Most companies are reactive and deploy resources to meet specific needs, without considering how those resources might best be used, or what future needs may arise. Let us help you devise a solution that best combines your resources, systems and overall strategy to meet your current needs, while providing scalability as your business grows.

Offshore Consulting: The changing information technology landscape has led to opportunities for forward-thinking companies to leverage outside technical experience to drive critical projects to completion while meeting time- and budget constraints. We have extensive experience with global technology consulting firms and IT professionals. Talk to us today and let us help you meet your project goals with no downtime or interference with existing projects.

Project Management: Our professionals are well-versed within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, including Agile, Waterfall, Adaptive, Spiral and RUP methodologies. We will walk you through this process and guide your company from initial scope through execution and completion of the project, on time and under budget. Let us help you get your project back on track, so you can focus internal resources on your business.

IT Staffing: We have many competent IT professionals who are available for contract work. We will spend the time to understand your business needs and match those needs to the right background and skill set. We can place the right person who will hit the ground running and add immediate value to your team.

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